Welcome to the first of Italian Virtual Flight School certified ATO by VATSIM on 20 October 2012

The main goal of our autorized Training Organization will be to give the culture of aviation through flight simulation. As with all activities related to the network it is in force on the VATSIM Code of Conduct. We help young and old, to build a virtual pilot the future; we will form you, by giving you the techniques and skills necessary to develop a quality spendable career in Europe and the rest of the world, like that of the real airline pilot. Do not give simple flight hours ... we help you to create your professionalism!

Now we make courses for 22 Student of which, 22 (P1-Private Pilot Licence (PPL)), 0 (In simulator configuration )

We currently count on our waiting list 0 Students ready to start the adventure.

The school closed for summer holidays

From 06/30/2022 to 09/04/2022

enrollments remains open

Happy Holidays to All.

The school is pleased to announce the reopening of enrollments for VFR courses, the courses will start in early September.

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